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The key personnel in Spa Design & Manufacturing have been working in the Spa and pool industry for more than 30 years. The team have worked across a number of different countries with manufacturing and outlets in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK and supplying goods and services worldwide. A level of experience which is almost certainly unparalleled by any other company in our industry.

Robin Cope Managing Director of Spa Design talks about those years...

“We have always been at the forefront of design and technology in the spa industry. I personally have worked with and within some of the largest and most prestigious companies since the mid 1980’s creating new and often ground breaking ideas within our industry. Amongst many, this has included, Spaform (at that time by far the largest European Acrylic spa manufacturer), Rio Plastics USA, Bullfrog Spas USA, Astral group Spain. The experience of myself and our team has been as designers, manufacturers, engineers and project managing and also on the coal face, as it were, undertaking many technical installations. This experience in all these sectors has given us, as a team, an unrivalled knowledge of the technical expertise required to develop and create the highest possible quality of project from conception to completed product”.

This expertise includes drawing, design 2D, 3D modelling (currently SolidWorks), mold building, manufacturing, supply and installation. Many of our team have extensive experience not only in the spa industry but in many other mainstream engineering industries such as aircraft building, plant automation and naval architecture. This level of expertise and experience is also to be found in all areas of our production whether this is welding or tiling, equipment building, plumbing and on-site supervision or installation. Though now a smaller team than in our days of large scale acrylic spa production we offer the highest possible standard of personnel you can find in this industry.

It is this range of experience that uniquely qualifies us to be able to undertake so many of the most difficult spa and pool installations we are now so known for, such as those you often encounter in the yacht industry.

Through our manufacturing in the United Kingdom our company is working worldwide with projects as far afield as Brazil, USA, the Middle East and the Far East.

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